artist photo from Minxes Trinkets selling copper electroformed jewelry at her vending booth
I had been making jewelry professionally for over 10 years, but was becoming completely enamored with electroformed pieces I was seeing online, and contemplating ‘looking into it’. One fateful day I happened to go to a bead show where one of the vendors was selling a few electroformed pendants made by a partially blind friend of hers. I still remember the rush I got seeing them, I was smitten and just SO excited. Of course I just had to buy one, it felt like a sign. I was absolutely ignited. I dove into research, and ravenously consumed any information I could find on the process, making copious notes, and 2 months later I had bought all the equipment and jumped in with both feet. And here I am today!

I do still make some of my original style of vintage pieces re-worked, but as an artist I'm definitely following my passion, and right now it's electroforming. But you may see some vintage-meets-modern pieces, especially mixed with some electroformed accents. 

I live in Harwood, MD with my husband, 2 dogs, and 4 chickens. Besides my jewelry business I also work full-time as a biologist, and enjoy brewing beer and bellydancing in my spare time. Sometimes I clean the house. 

rebecca burrell of Minxes Trinkets selling handmade copper electroformed jewelry and vintage assemblage necklaces, bracelets, and earrings