About the Artist

Artist Rebecca Burrell of Minxes' TrinketsAlthough I've always been a 'maker', I began creating jewelry professionally in 2004, when my best friend Heather and I started Minxes' Trinkets. We shared a similar aesthetic and penchant for reviving lost and broken trinkets. We created eclectic pieces of jewelry by reworking vintage treasures, quickly gaining a loyal following - we were 'The Minxes' and we were creating our 'Trinkets'. When my business partner moved to another state for work, I kept Minxes' Trinkets but became a solo artist, and my style began to evolve...

I had become enamored with electroformed jewelry I stumbled upon online, and wanted to learn more. One fateful day in the fall of 2017, I went to a bead show and one of the vendors was selling electroformed pendants made by a friend of hers. I still remember the rush I got seeing them. It felt like a sign - I was absolutely ignited. I dove into research, and ravenously consumed any information I could find on the process, making copious notes, and 2 months later I had bought all the equipment and jumped in with both feet. And here I am today!

Artist Rebecca Burrell of Minxes TrinketsAlthough I've evolved as an artist, I can still see some of the vintage aesthetic from my earlier days in my current work, and use reclaimed copper pipe to build the copper onto my electroformed jewelry. Nature continually inspires me, and is probably the most central theme of my art.

I live in Harwood, MD with my husband, 2 dogs, and little flock of backyard chickens. Besides my jewelry business I also work full-time as a biologist, and enjoy gardening, brewing beer, and belly dancing in my spare time. Sometimes I clean the house. 

I am thankful for all of those who support my work, it drives my art forward <3