Jewelry Care

Every Minxes' Trinkets piece is wearable art and should be treated with love and care.  Although breakage is rare, it can still happen. The wearer assumes responsibility for the care and safety of the piece.  

Caring for your electroformed jewelry: 

Avoid prolonged exposure to water and harsh chemicals, so remove before swimming, showering, and cleaning. Due to natural oxidation, the patina of the copper will evolve over time. This process is unique to the person who wears it and the environment in which they live -  the copper grows with you. You can restore shine by gently polishing with a soft cloth, or use lemon juice or vinegar for a shinier finish. Depending on your own body chemistry, the piece may leave a harmless blue-green hue on your skin, which washes off. I prefer to leave the metal raw to avoid causing any reactions to chemicals. To avoid greening, simply coat the inside of ring bands with clear nail polish. 

Wearer is responsible for wear and tear of their item.
  • Crystals and gemstones are hard, but brittle, and can break with impact with hard surfaces
  • Please take care to protect your necklaces when bending over, so it doesn't hit any hard objects or snag.

Although breakage is rare, it can still happen. If the jewelry piece breaks due to a defect, please contact me. Many times the piece can be reconstructed and can be made good as new, if not better. All effort will be made to make it right. 
Accidents happen - If an item breaks due to an accident, I will need to assess whether the item can be fixed. If it is fixable, a fee will be incurred, and owner will be responsible for all shipping costs.