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Ouija Planchette Earrings - green and gold

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 Resin ouija planchette earrings in sparkling forest green with gold accents. Definitely statement earrings but pretty light for their size.  These are accented with vintage-style rhinestone disco beads.

“Automatic Writing” Planchettes -
A planchette is a small, usually heart-shaped flat piece of wood, historically equipped with two wheeled castors and a pencil-holding aperture, used to facilitate automatic writing. The use of planchettes to produce mysterious written messages gave rise to the belief that the devices foster communication with spirits as a form of mediumship. The devices were popular in séances during the Victorian era, before their eventual evolution into the simpler, non-writing pointing devices for ouija, or ‘talking’ boards, that eclipsed the popularity of their original form. Paranormal advocates believe the planchette is moved by the presence of spirits or some form of subtle energy