Palmistry and Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Earrings II - Minxes' Trinkets

Palmistry and Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Earrings II

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Mysterious iridescent fortune teller crystal ball earrings with palmistry hands

Crystal Balls and Fortune Tellers -
A crystal ball, also known as an orbuculum or crystal sphere, is a crystal or glass ball and common fortune-telling object. It is generally associated with the performance of clairvoyance, and the art or process of "seeing" known as "scrying" whereby a medium uses a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball, in which to focus, with the aim of seeing images interpreted as signs. When the technique of scrying is used with crystals, or any transparent body, it is known as crystallomancy or crystal gazing.  Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of seeing the past, present, or future; in this sense scrying constitutes a form of divination.